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Field services can cover a wide variety of areas from sampling to air monitoring. TWM has a trusted network of field workers we’d love to share with you. Why get muddy when our guys can get muddy for you?

Field sampling is the analysis of a given geographic area. A field sampling analysis often consists of many different types of samples. Field sampling often includes soil analysis. Our goal is to assist site operators in determining the proper disposal for fill leaving your site. TWM can streamline this process by grabbing and analyzing soil samples for your site. 

TWM has numerous field chemists that we trust with our waste. If you have items that need to be sorted, packed, and shipped, our team can help! Those items could be lab samples, maintenance chemicals, or they can come out of your production area. 

Throughout our years in the industry, we have had many clients that didn’t know their employees need special DOT training to sign a Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest for shipping. The easiest way to avoid the headache and cost of additional training is to bring TWM in to sign on behalf of your company.

TWM has experienced air monitoring personnel that have spent hours in the field using photo-ionization detectors. 

Sometimes, you’ll find that your employees are not sufficiently trained in some of the more advanced handling of waste; such as pouring the waste into a drum.  Let TWM’s highly skilled crew handle the advanced activities for you.

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