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The EPA can drop in for a surprise visit at your facility at any time. More than likely, surprise visits lead to surprise fines. TWM can help you avoid unwanted fines by conducting an audit on your facility ourselves. We can help get your company back in compliance before EPA auditors show up unannounced.

Are you unsure what regulations you need to follow for your end of year reporting regulations?  How about which waste is even reportable to begin with?  TWM’s environmental consultants can help you make sense of your waste and report it accurately.

Waste minimization supports efforts to promote a more sustainable society. All waste is not created equal. Sometimes just a small adjustment to your process can change your generator status.  TWM has successfully implemented programs for our clients that have reduced waste while simultaneously helping to reduce costs.

The first step in determining if a material is considered hazardous waste is to determine whether it can be classified as a solid waste. What is solid waste?  How does it affect your business and the waste you produce?  TWM has years of experience helping our clients make the crucial determination of how they should store, handle, and dispose of their waste.

The EPA’s universal waste regulations streamline the hazardous waste management standards for certain categories of hazardous waste that are commonly generated such as batteries and pesticides. The universal waste regulations require that these materials be managed in a way to prevent releases to the environment and tailors those requirements to each type of universal waste. TWM can help you determine when these exemptions applicable and how to appropriately apply them to best suit your company whether you’re a small or a large quantity generator.

There are rules for how your waste must be stored depending on the size of your company. TWM has the ability to help create appropriate storage areas that will keep your company from fines and keep your employees safe.

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