TWM Enviro and our partners have over 100 years of combined expertise in remedial technologies, providing environmental clean up solutions, reporting to and through regulators, and completing transportation and disposal tasks.

The acronym TWM stands for Total Waste Management. It is a philosophy that is focused on outcome-based results that is executed from a service first model. Our company was founded with the goal of providing an innovative alternative to the large companies that owned and controlled the waste disposal market. We recognized that the market didn’t need another “me too” approach to waste disposal or remedial efforts. So, we turned the problem on its head in order to find a better way.

We started with a simple question: Why shouldn’t we work towards eliminating waste? We realized that we could be better environmental stewards by reducing or eliminating waste at the source. This brought us to our overall goal which is to achieve zero waste by helping our partners to repurpose or reuse products that would typically be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. The concept of zero waste goes beyond recycling and composting and focuses on preserving the value of products, minimizing environmental impacts, and conserving natural resources.

Today, TWM is a group of consultants, project managers, and waste disposal experts who have challenged the market leaders to be better at managing their clients’ needs, rather than their own bottom line. 

Our core mission is to reduce our clients’ environmental footprint. Our objectives are to:

  • Understand the scope of our clients’ waste minimization efforts
  • Challenge the status quo of the processes put in place in the waste disposal market
  • Present more effective solutions that contribute to a smaller environmental footprint and enhance our clients’ bottom line

We love the challenges of creating a smaller footprint and we relish in our opportunities to contribute to a cleaner environment. In our efforts to become more responsible stewards of our environment, we are constantly striving to create a sustainable future. On our way to that larger mission, we have discovered that less can be more. We look forward to sharing in our journey towards zero waste with our clients and valued partners as we evolve together towards a better tomorrow.


Our company is family owned and run. That means that when you work with TWM, we will treat you as an extension of our family. Our founder, Dick Halm, started TWM to find a more personalized approach to the waste minimization and waste disposal markets. Our industry is saturated with large national and multinational companies that view their customers as little more than a paycheck. That’s not how we see it! It’s important to us that our clients know we care about them. 

Our goal is to always be approachable, to earn our clients’ trust and keep it. We’ll answer when you call. No question is irrelevant and no concern is too small! We love challenges and our staff will work tirelessly to help you find a solution to your problem. 

Being a waste minimization company means that we are not beholden to any particular technology. We will look for alternative uses or recycling options before recommending disposal. We do this to not only help the environment, but to give you peace of mind that your material is being handled in the best and most efficient manner possible. Whether your project needs are small or large, you can rest assured that we will work with you every step of the way to help you reach your goals. 

Give us a call! We can’t wait to welcome you to our family!



Dick likes to call himself an “accidental environmentalist.” He left his career as a business analyst because he fell in love with the problem solving associated with environmental services and consulting. He started his career in the industry by developing an environmental services company that was eventually sold to one of its biggest competitors in North America. While learning the business, he branched out and honed his skills as a problem solver by executing tasks such as operations of equipment in hazardous waste environments, completion of environmental sampling and analysis, project management, and customer service. After selling to his competitor, he transitioned to the general manager of a multi-million dollar division of the surviving entity. In just 18 months, he doubled his division’s work volume. Over the course of his career, Dick has worked in national sales, completed a successful financial and customer service turnaround of an environmental laboratory, managed customer service teams, and restored confidence in the sales team of a multi-billion dollar waste company. The key to Dick’s success has been focusing on clients’ needs and defining successful outcomes, and then drawing upon the expertise of his teams and their partners to craft practical solutions to the problems at hand. 



Project manager

Brendan is a veteran of the environmental industry having worked in it off and on for 18 years. He began as a courier in high school working for an environmental laboratory in the summer. He eventually graduated to become a field technician where he was in charge of taking composite and grab samples for various analysis. After a brief stint in the corporate world, Brendan returned to the environmental field to work at a field services company where he was confined space and confined space rescue trained. During his time there, he also got his CDL and found enjoyment in hydro-excavating. When he got tired of getting dirty for a living, he changed paths and became a field chemist for 6 years at a multinational disposal company. That experience got him recognized and he moved up to work in lab pack specific sales and eventually account management. Today, he uses all the skills he has learned from a well-rounded career to bring the right solutions to all of TWM’s clients. He always puts our clients’ needs first and is willing to go the extra mile in order to make sure the job gets done right the first time.


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