Chemical Closet Clean Out

Whether it’s a planned event or discovery of old, out of date and discarded materials, everyone occasionally finds expired chemicals. With a diligent effort to properly inventory and sort, TWM properly documented, profiled, packaged, and transported these materials to a licensed waste facility quickly, confidently, and cost-effectively. Everyone has a closet. Let TWM help clean yours!

Neglected Processing Plant

This project would test the best! Flammable, reactive, explosive, forbidden, and radioactive chemicals were all identified at this location. Some containers were properly labeled, but most had faded or hand-written labels or none at all. The age of the chemicals and the containers provided additional challenges for proper handling and transportation.

Using proper work zones, contaminated areas, entry and exit procedures, employee monitoring, and skillful technicians, TWM was able to properly fingerprint and segregate the materials. From there we were able to manage materials requiring on-site treatment and processing. Some of the waste was profiled as hazardous which required us to safely package the materials and provide transportation to the appropriate hazardous waste facilities. All while maintaining proper documentation for the client.

We may not hear from this client for another 10-20 years. But, we’ll be ready when they call again! If you have difficult chemical identification, handling or waste management issues to solve, call us today!

Plating Plant Clean Out

This facility was abandoned when the company went out of business. As a result, the facility sat idle for many years and TWM was asked to provide a plan to manage the waste. With our team of chemists and OSHA-compliant staff, TWM created a plan to get this plant back up to compliance. We began by creating a budget for the court’s trustee responsible for the building. From there, we developed H&S protocols for the clean up and managed the plan for the proper handling, transportation, and disposal of cyanide-bearing wastes and other chemicals associated with the plating methods employed when this plan was up and running.

Together with key specialists from complimentary service providers, we managed the processes of categorizing many unknowns through fingerprinting, database searches, and interviews with staff and industry experts in order to see the disposal process through to its successful conclusion.

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